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4x4CB & Aerial Discovery Install & SWR Tuning DVD

In this DVD we show you everything you need to know to install a CB set-up in your Landrover Discovery . They are fantastically useful when you are out in a group and once you've had one its impossible to do without and you'll wonder how you ever did ! Imagine not having your mobile phone now and what a nuisance it is when you're out of range.  We use them on and they are invaluable for safety and navigation making it easy to keep the group together and everyone on the same course. We show you how to do a pro install and run all the wiring out of sight and make the unit easily removable for security. Watch the clips (lower left column) and order the DVD by clicking buy now.



Landrover Discovery With Midland 278 CB Install I talk you through several options for mounting the CB Radio and where not to put it. Where  to run power supplies and what to think about when you choose where to fix your Microphone mount.
Jim at will help you choose the system that's right for you and stocks all the biggest names in one place.
Midland 278 CB Radio In this DVD we use the mid range Midland 278 CB Radio and various CB Aerial mounts including :- Magnetic Roof mount, removable gutter mount, bumper mount both bolt-on and weld-on brackets, roof rack clamps. Various whips and how to tune and trim them, some information on range and also another option for a truly universal CB Radio the Midland Alan 42 which could be used in place of the 278 as it doubles as a very portable handheld unit for duties outside the vehicle and we have used them to great  effect on difficult technical terrain.
Discovery Fusebox upgrade There are a few different ways to power up your CB Radio and we show a few. On our project vehicle we hard wire it into auxiliary fuse box from the earlier Discovery electrics DVD with the extra fuse box behind the panel underneath the steering column. The CB radio is still removable there is another plug closer to the unit, we show you how to use a decent cigarette lighter plug to power the radio from JCRsupplies as a bad connection will cause problems
Some of the most popular aerial mounts and artificial ground planes are on the dvd with some information and thoughts on where to mount them. Here are some links.

Artificial Ground Plane on Double Grooved Roof rack/Bar mount without cable

Basic Gutter mount Kit - 3/8'

Bullbar / roll cage weld-on bracket for dome mounts (Steel)

4x4CB Super Gripper 7 Inch Magmount

2-Way (Horiz/Vertical) Standard Rack/Bar Mount with 5m RG58

3/8 Dome Mount with 5m RG58 Cable

We also spend a bit of time explaining Springer mounts whips wave length and SWR tuning and here are some links to products we feature.

4x4CB.COM Springer - Full size (5')

4x4CB.COM Springer - Mini size (3')

4x4CB.COM Valor 300 'Rubber Duck' (16inches/41cm)

Sirio Mythos 9000 3/8


A radio license is no longer required and the main advantages over using a mobile phone are, You can have many people in the same conversation, instant communication, and other than initial outlay there are no further costs.

CB Radio Wire routing You can easily copy what we show you on the DVD to route all the wires out of sight and harms way. Removing the right pieces of trim takes only minutes, seconds in some cases and is very easily done.
From start to finish the whole story has lots of details to inspire you to think about your installation and make it a good one without a spaghetti mess of loose unsightly wires.


Order the DVD to see how to fit your radio, wire it in and route the wires properly and talk to Jim or go online to order you CB Radio System.


Right!! after you've watched this DVD your CB Radio will be ready for some fun, friendly 4x4 banter out off roading/greenlining etc!


 9.97+2.50p&p Worldwide


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