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How to Rebuild your own Starter Motor DVD click here for more How to Rebuild your own Alternator/Dynamo DVD click here for more Got a Dirty One ? click here to see what you need to buff her up MOT Test demonstration DVD. What and how your car is tested Hydrogen Experiment ??? I really don't know why everyone hasn't got a kit on their landrover !!!!!!!!

Axle rebuild DVD   Defender | Discovery | Range Rover Classic










An Axle rebuild and refurbish DVD filmed to bring all the clips and bits and bobs that can be found online into one place. We show both ways of stripping, removing and replacing all the components so you can decide the best way forward on your job.


This is also the DVD you want to take with when on Safari on expedition if you don't have the knowledge. Even if you do and you need help you can always show a mechanic what you want done if he doesn't speak English or has the tools but not the knowledge to do the job.


Here is some of the jobs, details and shortcuts shown.


Basic layout shown with the axle off the car but all the suspension and arms attached.


Hub assembly and Shafts removed as whole lump with spanner size explained and some thoughts on the details as we go.


The quickest way to change a diff with the absolute minimal removed for an on the road change or repair. All the points of interest are explained and shown in details with where to jack it up, what to support and why.


Axle casing difference between the 200 and 300 and the quickest and easiest way to change the casing for later model.


Refurbish as you Go with a few basic grinder attachments and some ideas that I've used in the past on previous DVDs to strip clean, prepare and remove any old paint or crap so you can put a nice shiny axle back on.


How does a differential work? I explain it on the bench after it's had a scrape and paint. It looks fabulous so we move on with the crown wheel and pinion and what diff ratio is.


The Carrier and it Planetary wheels and also the weak point that breaks when they are abused.


How do the planetary wheels work and what do they do?


Limited slip diff and what it does and where they fit.

Locking diff and what it does.

What does a welded diff mean? and why would you do it?


Replacing the diff and the cheapest bits you can buy to make the job look really smart with some contrast to your black paint.


Stripping a hub assembly on the bench with explanation and close ups of everything we do including :-


Hub oil seals and the easy way to do it without stripping the whole thing down.

Drive shaft cap removal and circlips and shims.


Drive hub upgrade a very easy replacement  with a heavy duty Terrafirma upgrade.  TerraFirma4x4 TF5806 or TF859


How to get the old one off if you snap a bolt that's seized and then some ideas on removing the old stud.


Wheel bearing Nut  removal the right way and the other way without the correct tool for the job doing no damage.

Brake disc to hub bolts location


Removing and replacing the wheel bearings and oil seals and some ideas on changing the tracks.


Stub Axle removal and replacement and what tool to use to clean it up like new.


Driveshaft removal and replacement including showing where they usually break.


CV joint replacement is one of the very easy jobs you can do as a DIYer with just a few spanners and some knowledge and confidence. It's all explained and shown in detail. Where it turns in the stub axle and what to look for including movement, how to remove it from the shaft and how to put it back on the shaft.


Housing and assemblies are easily and quickly cleaned before painting to look exceptional when you rebuild your axle. Brake backing plate mountings and bolts shown.


Swivel housing replacement bearings and Railko bushes and adjustment shown in detail including some thoughts as we go so you know what to expect and what each component does. Swivel bearing tracks removal and replacement including how to shim it up and check for resistance using common sense. It is perfectly within a home mechanics ability with a bit of knowledge. Our DVD's are filmed like you are there being shown what to do exactly as if you were there in the garage with us.


Gaskets Bushes Seals Phosphor bronze bushes  the whole lot is shown and explained on the DVD so this is comprehensive with lots of personal thoughts as we go to help you make a the job a goodun. Including tips to stop your chrome getting any worse if your reusing your originals, What to use to drift the new bushes in.


OK 1 Hub assembly on the bench, the other stripped and rebuilt in sequence on the axle so you see both ways to do it including what not to forget and get wrong!


MOT checks on the axle and a demonstration of some potential failure, as well as over exaggerated movement so you can see and will know what an MOT tester or mechanic is talking about.


With the proper prep work you can refurb your axle over a weekend especially if you have a bit of help and have everything ready to go.



9.97 + p&p worldwide click on the image to order