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Defender service DVD Discovery service DVD Coil Suspension System DVD Power Steering DVD Bulkhead Repair DVD Axle Rebuild DVD Discovery Dual Battery & Splitcharge Relay System DVD Defender Dual Battery & Splitcharge Relay System DVD Bulkhead Change DVD MOT Test DVD Starter Motor Rebuild Alternator Rebuild DVD Hydrogen DVD Valeting DVD


Interior Retrim DVD Defender Raptor Dash & Electrical DVD Discovery Electrics DVD Defender Protection Fitting DVD Defender Snorkel DVD


Discovery CB, Aerial & Wiring Install DVD

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How to Rebuild your own Starter Motor DVD click here for more How to Rebuild your own Alternator/Dynamo DVD click here for more Got a Dirty One ? click here to see what you need to buff her up MOT Test demonstration DVD. What and how your car is tested Hydrogen Experiment ??? I really don't know why everyone hasn't got a kit on their landrover !!!!!!!!

Bulkhead Change DVD (Firewall in US)











A Landrover  Bulkhead ! Yes in glorious detail as usual so you see the job and decide if it's within your capabilities. If you have to do the job anyway you can get a good idea of where to start and some tips to make it easier.


We start on the Ramp in the MOT station for a quick look before we go to the workshop were we will do the job in the same manner you would at home.


At The Workshop we dive straight into it and show you how to remove the doors and get those seized door hinge bolts out the easy way.


Dashboard Removal is not as desperate a job as it may look, in fact it's quite easy and on the DVD if it's part of the bulkhead we show how to remove and replace it. Some of the jobs covered are the entire windscreen wiper system replacement, the wiring in its entirety has be removed to get the bulkhead off and we show some very simple tips for making your get it back in and wired up the easy way.


Front wings, inner wings, front panel and everything attached to them that has to come off, here's a little list of all we show.


Expansion Bottle We don't need to break into the water circuit to do the job.


Power steering reservoir just unbolt it from the wing and don't remove it.


Brake master and Brake servo including the pipe work and how to change the servo and remove the pedal box.


Clutch master and pedal boxes of both. clutch pipe removal as it runs round the bulkhead.


Wiring Loom sounds like a monster of a complicated job but it really isn't and with my few simple tricks for remembering where the wires go you will be able to work through the wiring loom simply and confidently. Including how to remove the big plug that goes to the glow plug relay simply and quickly. You can see where the wiring runs and what's involved in getting at it, the location of earthing bolts


Washer Bottle and pipes a relatively easy job including the brackets and something to make sure you don't break as they cost money and are easy to break.


Air filter & pipe work in the inner wing that feeds into the intercooler and needs to be removed.


Heater box and Matrix pipe work and controls. How to remove and replace both the matrix and the box with the wiring connections and routing for the cables inside the dashboard cluster too


Ignition cowling and steering lock, all the relays behind the dash and controls back lights, speedo cable, the vents for the windscreen and the wiper gearbox.


Floor and transmission tunnel removal with some ideas to make the job more easy especially when it comes to putting it back together.


Steering column and steering wheel removal and a little idea for the replacement sequence to allow access as long as possible to the bolts. How to align the wheel up afterwards.


Sill bolts and main bulkhead bolts and some ideas to get them out and leave as much as possible in place.


Removing the bulkhead with the windscreen in place you'll need help for as its a bit awkward.


Stripping it ready for repair including the vents and grills behind the vent, air vents and the other big panel there.


Windscreen removal before we refit it for 2 reasons, 1 being we thought it should be on the DVD and 2 because we didn't want to scratch up our lovely bulkhead repair, so we show where all the bolts and screws are and how easy it is to do. Interior mirror, sun visors and windscreen trim all explained.


Refitting the bulkhead with some real world simple solutions for realigning the main bolts as they've moved due to some thermal distortion from the galvanising process.


Refitting the wiring loom and plugging it in with my favourite little tricks make it quick, easy and satisfying that any one can do this at home, even the dashboard although fiddly is no problem.


Steering column and mountings etc all refitted in the right sequence make the job start to come together and look like a landrover again.


Windscreen to bulkhead seal a little tip for getting it on first time in the right position.


Replacing the wiper system and replacing every component with new bits for a better wipe. Motor, tubes, boxes, arms, blades and a new wiper motor stop switch.


Refitting the steering column to box shaft and U/J's and refitting the bulkhead mounting bolts after.


Door Seals a nice little finishing off job as they are usually finished on defenders why not stick some new ones in.


Door Refit ! if you've used repair panels on the top then getting the J clips back in will not be possible as when you try to bend the hook it'll snap. I came up with a few ideas and solutions that all worked and you can copy and see for yourself



This is a 2 DVD set and worth every penny as just one of the details shown can save you time, money and skinned knuckles.






12.97 + 2.50p&p Worldwide click here to order.



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