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How to Rebuild your own Starter Motor DVD click here for more How to Rebuild your own Alternator/Dynamo DVD click here for more Got a Dirty One ? click here to see what you need to buff her up MOT Test demonstration DVD. What and how your car is tested Hydrogen Experiment ??? I really don't know why everyone hasn't got a kit on their landrover !!!!!!!!

Bulkhead Repair DVD









Any one ever thought about buying a Land Rover with a rotten bulkhead will want to see this DVD.


We start with the Defender bulkhead as removed from the chassis, although it doesn't matter much whether it's a series Landy, a Td5 or a Puma there isn't masses of difference.


Is It Really Rotten?  This is the question that you need an answer  to. Ours looked pretty good but after it was sent to the blasters it came back looking like Swiss cheese.


Sandblasting  is the answer to really finding out what is left of your panel so we sent it to our local blasters for a good seeing to. What came back was surprisingly solid on the lower half but really destroyed on the top.


Chopping and cutting out all the old rot and making some measurements for the fitting of new panels to be welded in. Spot weld removing and using the grinder to make removal of the old metal easier. The whole story is on this DVD and just one tip or piece of information on it will easily make it worth while to spend an hour watching before you start yours!.


A-post replacement and drilling out spot weld as well as fatiguing metal till it falls off is all covered in the story. Using a hammer and dolly to straighten your metal before trying to fit new panels are all things you can copy how to do from what you see on the DVD. How to use your previous marks to help fit your new panel in alignment.


Bulkhead top repair sections and making some simple templates to make sure your new home made sections fit to help the overall job finish better. Bending and grinding techniques you can copy to make intricate panels and get a really pro looking smart repair. Drilling out spot welds and a 10 quid pre made panel from another vehicle that can be chopped up to make your bulkhead vents live again. Hammering and chopping demonstrated in such a simple way that any amateur welder can make a really good job of a bulkhead.


Don't make a 1 piece panel make a few smaller piece and see how to weld them together to make a really smart solid repair with minimal evidence of the repair.


You don't need masses of skill to make a butt weld and see how to grind it down with 3 simple grinder attachments to make it invisible.


Footwell replacement also may seem like a big job but who says you need to use the whole panel to make a good job ? Almost invisible and most definitely more solid than the original is quite easy to obtain for the amateur welder.


Galvanising your panel.  Why not ? its not just for the professionals, the galvanisers I used are national and most helpful as the are the people that do most of the landrover bulkheads in the country. You will not find a more helpful and professional bunch of people. The result is phenomenal as you will see on the DVD and don't forget I'm not a big company this was a 1 off panel I took to them and they were very helpful if a little camera shy. We'll get em next time ! The one problem with galvanizing is also something to consider but out weighs the benefits I think but you should at least know what's involved.


Painting a Galvanised panel ?  Paint doesn't like to stick to fresh galvanising so the best people to ask were the galvanisers and what they told us to use was fantastic, it felt like rough wet n dry paper after we used this stuff that is available in any good paint shop and I didn't even key it up.


What paint ? what procedure? I only used what I have at home as a diy enthusiast, same as we did with the moggy paintwork on so you can copy what we did and replicate it at home. I should say that you dont need to be able to everything yourself, there are probably many paint shops near you that will do the job for you and I would say that the best place to start is your local independent parts shop, they always know who is in the area and is capable of doing what.


Heat shielding and sound deadening How to fit it and some ideas for making the job look good. Folding it round corners and shaping it for that final detail to your bulkhead repair.


Also on the DVD is some fillering tips and details and seam sealer techniques and a couple of bits to do before you refit it to your LR


I try not to use masses of tools to do the job so you can copy the job with as little extra expense as possible, obviously the main tool is welder and grinder but the rest can be bypassed by outsourcing little details


Quite simply a little more than an hour of this information can and will save you making mistakes and costing yourself money on your bulkhead repair or give you you new knowledge and confidence to do more yourself.






9.97 + 2.50p&p worldwide