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HHO Conversion Kit DVD

HHO Conversion


Discover How I got Over 67Mpg Using My Own HHO Kit


And How You Can Do The Same


My Step By Step DVD Will Show You How

( And Even Save You Money In The Process)


Read Below For Further Details...

We all know that natural oil resources are limited and we are reminded all too often how dependent the world is on oil based fuels to keep it running.

In addition, most scientists now agree that global warming is increasing largely because of the carbon dioxide emissions produced by burning fossil fuels.

Add to this the instability in oil prices and the ever increasing financial penalties imposed on those who run what are perceived to be environmentally unfriendly vehicles and its no wonder that our eyes are being opened to alternative energy sources

So What's The Real Alternative ….


Hydrogen is increasingly being hailed as the green energy solution of the future. Now whilst we are perhaps still some way away from hydrogen powered vehicles being the norm in your local car showroom there is however a potentially viable option for us all to consider.

You may have already heard of , or perhaps read about hydrogen conversion kits or hydrogen generator kits. But do they work?. Well I have the answer for you right here...

My name is Phil and my curiosity was aroused by the promise of cheaper cleaner power. I decided to conduct my own real life experiment to see if they actually deliver , and if so how effective they could be.  I have filmed my experiment with a Hydrogen kit from its concept through to conclusions so now you can see for yourself the real truth about Hydrogen power kits.

Hydrogen Conversion For Your Own Vehicles...

This review is an absolute must for anyone considering investing in a Hydrogen kit for their vehicle. The technology is suitable for both Petrol and Diesel engines so the vast majority of vehicle owners and operators have the potential to benefit from Hydrogen power.

The number of people around the world who have converted their cars to run on HHO is growing everyday....

What Is A HHO Conversion Kit?

HHO gas also referred to as brown’s gas or oxyhydrogen. It is a fuel that is 3 times more powerful than petrol. Like water it contains 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom and, for this reason, is commonly called Oxyhydrogen.

Water is stored under the hood of the car and it is ignited by the spark from the battery of the car. This starts the electrolysis of water as a result of which it is converted into HHO or Brown's gas.

The engine vacuum sucks this gas into the intake manifold, once it has been introduced into the airflow. It is this Brown's gas, which then mixes with the petrol.



Is HHO Gas Safe To Use?


HHO gas is no more dangerous than the regular petrol/diesel that is currently used in vehicles.

Currently various companies are trying to use Hydrogen canisters in cars, many other at-home inventors and businessmen have discovered how to simply use water.

This method is safer because it does not store combustible hydrogen within the car itself, it uses it immediately after being created.



What Are The Benefits Of HHO Gas?



HHO greatly increases the fuel efficiency of cars by enabling the car to run on a hybrid of gasoline and HHO. It has been stated that HHO Gas can increase fuel efficiency by 30 -50% and as much as 60% in some cases.

Increases Your Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

Lowers Emissions

Better Engine Performance

Reduces your engine temperature

Works for new and old vehicles of all kinds

  HHO is derived from a renewable source, water, thus the emissions will be nothing but water vapor. 

  They have prolonged the life expectancy of their appliance.

  Reduced maintenance costs.

  Helps reduce pollution and global warming.

  HHO makes the engine run quieter and it stops knocking or “pinging”.

Smoother gear shifts and generally better engine operation.

  Most importantly SAVES you MONEY by making your petrol/diesel last longer and reduces maintenance costs.



Want To Learn Everything About Fitting Your Own


 HHO Conversion Kit?





 My Comprehensive DVD "The Hydrogen



Guides You Step by Step Through The


Conversion Process...


    PART 1: The Facts About This Alternative Power Source

  • The theory behind Hydrogen power

  • How much could/should you spend

  • Selecting a kit and what to look for

    PART 2: The Actual Installation Process (Step By Step)

In this section of the DVD I guide you step by step through process of fitting your own HHO conversion kit.

  • What are components and what to they do

  • Where can/should they be located

  • Pipe work and Wiring - what you need to consider

  • Making brackets to fit the fuel cells

  • Finding space to fit the fuel cells

  • Advice on achieving a professional finish

  • Essential points to bear in mind when fitting your HHO Kit

  • Can the average handyman / DIY mechanic take on the task

  • Time taken to fit the conversion kit

   PART 3: The Results Of My Own Experiment

  • The truth about improved MPG

  • Results of the mileage test

  • Did the HHO conversion kit really Reduce emissions - results for before and after the conversion.

  • How to optimise the performance of your Hydrogen kit

  • The results of my hydrogen test

  • What catalysts work and what results do they give you

  • The best catalyst to increase your MPG and how much you need to get the desired results


  • More Importantly, what catalyst not to use!

  • Is there a viable business?

  • LPG vs HHO Conversion Kit

This Is Essential Viewing For Anyone Considering Fitting
Their Own HHO Kit!


A Business Opportunity ?

Perhaps like me, you are looking with growing interest at the possibility of Hydrogen power as a potential business opportunity.
If so then this "The Hydrogen Experiment" will be invaluable viewing in helping you understand what some of the key benefits and challenges of Hydrogen power could be.

An understanding the end to end process is a key factor in the success or failure of any business so whether you are thinking about manufacturing/supplying kits, consumables or even providing installation services this is a great place to start. It will of course also help answer the vital question "how can you make a successful business from this"?.

The Futures Here...

Hydrogen is almost certainly the energy system for the future. Now is the ideal time for you to explore its potential. I hope you enjoy my review , and find it useful. It has certainly opened my eyes and has presented some interesting opportunities.


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