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Defender service DVD Discovery service DVD Coil Suspension System DVD Power Steering DVD Bulkhead Repair DVD Axle Rebuild DVD Discovery Dual Battery & Splitcharge Relay System DVD Defender Dual Battery & Splitcharge Relay System DVD Bulkhead Change DVD MOT Test DVD Starter Motor Rebuild Alternator Rebuild DVD Hydrogen DVD Valeting DVD


Interior Retrim DVD Defender Raptor Dash & Electrical DVD Discovery Electrics DVD Defender Protection Fitting DVD Defender Snorkel DVD


Discovery CB, Aerial & Wiring Install DVD

Also I'll be offering you
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How to Rebuild your own Starter Motor DVD click here for more How to Rebuild your own Alternator/Dynamo DVD click here for more Got a Dirty Landrover ? click here to see what you need to buff her up MOT Test demonstration DVD. What and how your car is tested Hydrogen Experiment ??? I really don't know why everyone hasn't got a kit on their landrover !!!!!!!!

Discovery & Range Rover Classic Dual Battery & Intelligent Split Charge Fitting DVD

This is an hour or of detailed video that you can use to install your own PRO QUALITY  modular split charge and dual battery kit that we've developed with our Durite wholesaler.
Pro Quality split charge electric kit Solid Brass Battery Terminals that you can add to easily. Dual Battery & Split Charge  wiring routing
From start to finish with bare components I show you how to solder and connect everything properly so you will end up with a system that would cost a fortune to have made and fitted.


I should mention that this has developed by us and we operate and we operate from a base in the mountains with no mains electric and this system operates a normal household washing machine as well as Savi's Hair dryer, hair straightener, my angle grinder, jigsaw, drill, and even circular saw.


That's just the odd things we use mountainside, it also of course operates the radios, winch, spotlights, interior lights and sockets on the car, laptop, camera charging and video camera operation.


All of these operate from the 2nd Optima battery which is phenomenal and has done 3 loads of washing on 1 charge as well other smaller loads.


Wiring routing Discovery & RR Classic  Optima Batteries from Durite Isolator Switch


The entire system has to work reliably and properly which is something we have seen our visitors to Spain suffer with, yes branded systems, all made abroad to a price that fail when needed.


Our system can't fail and has an intelligent 140 AMP split charge relay as well as an isolator switch for independent parallel connection of the batteries for jumpstarting or high amperage current sharing either way so you can boost your 2nd battery or use the second battery to jumpstart the primary battery if you have done something silly like leave something on that discharges your primary battery. It can also be used to connect both batteries for heavy winching without cooking your relay !!


This has been well thought out and created so it can be added to, which we  have done and  have an entire modular system created in stages to make your vehicle stand out as functional as well as smart to look at with the most reliable system in your club or on tour.


Discovery & RR Classic Split Charge & Dual Battery DVD  9.97 + P&P Worldwide


Here are some of the details we show you how to do.


How to Connect The Durite Intelligent Split Charge Relay

It really is stupidly simple and such a superb product. You wont have any problems understanding how this works afetr you have watched the video.


Durite Solid Copper Bus Bar fitting

This we show you how to connect into the auxiliary battery circuit so you can power other circuits such as lights and Cb Radios etc in a very tidy smart way to minimize those ugly extras getting tagged into your vehicles circuit incorrectly.


Durite Battery Isolator

Ok its basically a switch but used properly and in the right position it can act as back up to your relay and be used instead of a jump lead to connect your 2 batteries together. Its all on the DVD.


Solder Terminals & Heat shrink

Is easy to use to achieve a PRO finish to your job and after you have watched the DVD and had a couple of practice runs you will be producing quality results yourself.


Wire Routing & Protection

Very important for safety and also keeping the wire required to a minimum and therefore costs down.


To buy the Kit developed in the DVD or any other quality electrical parts Call JCR Supplies 0208 521 6494 and speak to Paul. There will be a digital link to buy it now very soon. 135.00 for the kit including the DVD from JCR


To buy the Optima Batteries that will not only power your car electrical systems through the night but in conjunction with our electrical kit will run washing machines and power tools and allsorts if needed call 01953 881330 or visit



Discovery & RR Classic Split Charge & Dual Battery DVD  9.97 + P&P Worldwide



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