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Discovery Electrics DVD 2

Discovery auxiliary fuse box, power supply mini bus bar, spotlights, spotlights relays Interior Lighting Trim and Panel removal wire running. Switches Dash pod.


This is something we filmed on the Discovery that adds to the split charge DVD but can of course be used without having fitted a split charge kit. As usual its presented in an easy to follow fully detailed video with thoughts, explanations and some alternative ideas depending on your desires.

 We fit lots of different items and show you how to fit internal and external power sockets from Durite some excellent led lighting which you can order from this page too.


We show you how to run the wiring without stripping out too much of your car and soldering followed by heat shrinking the final pieces for that professional look.

Read on, have a look at the pictures and video clips and order the DVD for the full details of the job.

First things first we look at the main fuse from the battery supplying our extras. Its a high amp unit for supplying things like inverters and air pumps from the sockets but will blow should anything major develop a dead short. We use high quality components with all the joints soldered for strength and longevity as we all use our vehicles for more than the average car so you don't want things coming loose with all the extra vibration from offroading etc
We show you how to keep all the fuses easily accessible by mounting them on the drop down panel under the steering wheel and show you how to run the wires through the body and dash in a safe and secure fashion. This location makes it easier to branch off to run the feeds for all our other installations. It may look complicated but after you have seen the video and followed through the job in your mind you will be able to copy every detail.
Another job that's super easy once you have followed the process is wiring in a relay so you can use a low current switching circuit to open a relay and power a higher current circuit, in this case its the spotlights from a micro switch, a very cool job.
Here is the best interior lighting solution I have ever come across, its water proof, flexible, self adhesive, very low current and super bright with extremely good saturation of light inside the vehicle as its a long strip. You can see from the picture there's a strip inside the car along the top and also running round the inside of the rear door lighting up very well in fact so well we had people stop and ask us where can we buy it. So click below if you want to order some you can add it to a DVD order.
This is the led strip lighting. We sell it by the metre and it can be cut to size so none goes to waste. you will need 2.5 metres to do what we have on the discovery



Here is an example of the Spotlights we wired in on the Discovery. These are the TerraFirma4x4 lights but what ever you are using the wiring principles are the same.
We show you how easy it is to strip the rear panels off and run the wires up with the original loom and a my favourite trick for running wires without moving a thing !

The power fro the rear lights are wired into the door switch and also a manual switch so you can keep them on after the interior light has gone out. If you follow the DVD you can also run the wires completely out of sight from the rear window strip through the rear door and out through the rubber hose into the rear body without removing a panel !!

Running the wires up through the windscreen pillar out of sight is easy when you know the tricks of the trade, so when you copy the i9nformation on the dvd you will be able to competently and professionally do the jobs your self.


Click below to order the DVD and also the led lighting by the metre. ( max 5 metres in one length)


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  DVD 9.97+2.50p&p Worldwide