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Discovery CB, Aerial & Wiring Install DVD



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Defender Raptor Dash Fitting & Wiring in with 4X4CB & Spots

Landrover Workshop Manual DVD This DVD is another one I very much enjoyed filming and we cover so much detail on all aspects of fitting the Raptor-Engineering Raptor Dash that it will be possible for anyone with the basic tools and common sense to follow and create your own custom dash install. We also show how to mount the 4X4CB Radio with a few details and thought for you to watch out for when you do your own. How to run the wires for everything you install and make them look professional as well as fused safely.

Roof mounted Terrafirma4x4 spotlights which we wire up to the illuminated switches on the dash and along with some other details and information to save you time and give you the confidence to fit your own. As usual we priced the DVD at less than 15 minutes garage time and I do make a few mistakes and show you what to look out for and how to recover from a problem. All in all a great job that you can without having a workshop or multitude of tools.

Have a look at the video clips from the DVD on the left hand lower column.

Raptor Engineering Dash in Landrover Defender 110

Raptor Engineering Dash

This is the dash installed in the Defender with the CB radio and dials all working. As usual we get right in there with the camera and film the actual installation in our Spanish4x4 Defender support vehicle, so as its an actual job and not just staged for the camera. All the associated wires, clocks, connectors, nuts, bolts and screws are filmed coming off so you can see their location and the panels you need to remove in order to fit the Raptor Dash correctly and securely so there are no rattles.

Raptor Engineering Dash wiring with JCRsupplies components


Ok so you're ready to start installing your dash after you,ve cut out the mounting area and secured the frame you are going to need electrical connectors, wires, solder, terminals, heatshrink, tape and multiplugs if you are going to copy our job. JCRsupplies are internet and ebay based and are a durite dealer as well as many other makes. The quality of product is ooutstanding and this where we get all our electrical items for the job and if you tell Paul you seen our DVD he will know the products you are looking for and help you get the right bits.

Landrover Defender with the Raptor Engineering Dash surround in place

Heat shrink & Soldering

One of my favourite things with electricals is soldering and heatshrinking as much as possible if not evrything. I also like modular stuff so you can add to it and expand your system whener you want. There are lots of ideas to inspre and demonstarte how to this yourself by simply copying what you see. Dont worry if you make mistakes or dont get you soldering spot on first time, you can always practise and have another go.

MultiPlugs & LED Lights

This is what you can end up with by taking your time and following the process one stage at a time with the Raptor Dash and the correct electrical components. Don't worry if you think it looks complicated before you know it the logic behind how and why you do things will become clear and remove your doubts over whether you can do it yourself.

4X4CB Midland 278 CB radio we fitted in our project car.

Midland CB Radio

This is the mid range unit from that we film being fitted in our Spanish4x4 Defender tour bus and it performs admirably, is very simple to use and get started with. We film showing you how to mount it properly and run the aerial cable out of site all the way to the rear of the car and mount the aerial bracket  too.

Basic knowledge is all thats required for this job even if you are only using a removable CB like the Midland Alan 42

TerraFirma4x4 Spotlights we used in our Spanish4X4 nightruns

Terrafirma4x4 Spotlights

Our goal from these films is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to fit your own parts properly, so the final part on this DVD shows and explains how to wire up your spotlights and we use the Terrafirma lights which have powered us through many a nightrun on our Spanish4x4 holidays and could be one of the first jobs you do on your own vehicle to gain some knowledge and practical experience.

McGill Motorsports Dash clocks

Dash Clocks & Dials

Raptor dash consoles come wish provision for extra clocks, we got our clocks from Mcgill Motorsport, its not the first we've used their products and they are excellent. We show you how easy it can be to connect up the clocks and run wires through the bulkhead into the engine bay, another very rewarding diy job for you to accomplish.


9.97+2.50p&p Worldwide


Terrafirma4x4 Website  JCRsupplies Website  4x4CB website