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Defender service DVD Discovery service DVD Coil Suspension System DVD Power Steering DVD Bulkhead Repair DVD Axle Rebuild DVD Discovery Dual Battery & Splitcharge Relay System DVD Defender Dual Battery & Splitcharge Relay System DVD Bulkhead Change DVD MOT Test DVD Starter Motor Rebuild Alternator Rebuild DVD Hydrogen DVD Valeting DVD


Interior Retrim DVD Defender Raptor Dash & Electrical DVD Discovery Electrics DVD Defender Protection Fitting DVD Defender Snorkel DVD


Discovery CB, Aerial & Wiring Install DVD

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How to Rebuild your own Starter Motor DVD click here for more How to Rebuild your own Alternator/Dynamo DVD click here for more Got a Dirty Landrover ? click here to see what you need to buff her up MOT Test demonstration DVD. What and how your car is tested Hydrogen Experiment ??? I really don't know why everyone hasn't got a kit on their landrover !!!!!!!!

Power Steering DVD 9.97+2.50p&p Worldwide

This DVD was a really interesting one even as a mechanic I wanted to know more about what goes on inside a steering box as well as all the usual fantastic looking and performing upgrades like heavy duty steering arms and return to centre steering dampers. Here's a list of some of the jobs we cover in detail.

The steering system is basically the same from the shaft downwards on all defenders, Range Rover Classics and Discovery 1+2


What & How to check steering items on the MOT test Ramp. From steering wheel to road wheels.


Removing the steering wheel


Electrical switches and stalks behind cowling


Dashboard and column. Steering lock a change and ignition switch


Changing your steering shaft & universal joints. watch the job with wing removed for excellent visibility. How to check u/j's


Steering rod change & upgrade all in detail Box to Hub & Hub to Hub


Return to Centre steering damper & How to assemble & adjust it to do its job

Power Steering Reservoir and pipes/Hoses all explained close up


How to Remove the Drop Arm and the lining up marks


Steering Box Differences and compatibility


Drop ARM compatibility and joint replacement Discover Box onto Defender all shown


Complete stripping and rebuild of steering Box in detail and all seals replacing

Customizing the resistance for SuperLite Steering (finger tip turning)

Minimal special tools for the job


Changing the power steering pump ( and getting spattered in oil on camera) Power steering pipe routes and clips shown.


Swivel housing tension by feel and MOT acceptable movement.


Filling up with fluid and bleeding the system


We love our Landrover and it shows in our filming so join us on the build and learn along the way.


Photo's of the job click here


Click on The DVD Image to order now. Know your stuff and pass it on to friends and other landrover fans in person or on forums. This DVD like all our others is so detailed you will feel like you have done the job yourself.




Visit Youtube for more clips.

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