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Defender service DVD Discovery service DVD Coil Suspension System DVD Power Steering DVD MOT Test DVD Starter Motor Rebuild Alternator Rebuild DVD Hydrogen DVD Valeting DVD

Also I'll be offering you
an Affordable expedition adventure Holiday    

Affiliates and distributors always wanted

How to Rebuild your own Starter Motor DVD click here for more How to Rebuild your own Alternator/Dynamo DVD click here for more Got a Dirty Landrover ? click here to see what you need to buff her up MOT Test demonstration DVD. What and how your car is tested Hydrogen Experiment ??? I really don't know why everyone hasn't got a kit on their landrover !!!!!!!!


A list of our films so far is on the left and is growing as we speak. We get close up with the camera showing details you don't usually get and I always air my thoughts out loud so you know what details to look out for and potential problems to avoid.


Every job I cover is a personal choice the same as it is for you on your Landrover so the journey has begun on our 200Tdi that we use on the Dvds although we are covering many more models. For an idea of what we'll end up with you can take a look at my previous project at


I'll be injecting as much information and humour into our Landrover project and meeting everyone at as many shows as possible this year. I bust many myths about the specialist jobs like Starter motors, Alternators and Dynamos and how easy they are to rebuild with the right knowledge.


The satisfaction you will feel with the knowledge and confidence you will gain from watching the dvds in a relaxed environment, like your sofa, so you can focus on the details and make notes to take to the workshop or driveway and actually do the job yourself are worth the cost of a dvd alone.

The fact that just one mistake our dvds could save you from  may well add up to much more than the price let alone the time and effort you will save from knowing the location of all the nuts bolts and wiring etc. You can help your friends and people on forums without having done the job yourself because you have done the next best thing which of course is see it done with all the details pointed out by an experienced mechanic and MOT tester.


If you have something you think we should film or want a job covered then email it to me

The more requests for specific jobs we get the higher up the filming list it goes.


We are also doing hands on Workshop Days to empower enthusiasts with the confidence to do their own repairs and upgrades. (click on services)


Have a look at for your summer holiday. You can visit us for a superb wild camping holiday in the mountains of Spain in your own vehicle for a tag along tour with a base or you can fly out for a holiday and we'll pick you up and chauffeur you through the spectacular scenery, gastronomic delights and cultural sights of Catalunya.


Enjoy the clips, add your name and email and we'll be in touch

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