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Valeting & Paint Restoring DVD


Hello Again and welcome to another one of my DVD presentations.

In this one I borrow my neighbours dirty old fiesta and a couple of days later return it in an unbelievable condition, quite honestly it was hard to believe its the same car. If you have a car that doesn't quite have the sparkle it could have, then this is the way to go.

Take a look round your car and I mean everywhere, in the boot, under the bonnet, when you open the door in the door shuts, in all the nooks and crannies of the trim and gutter areas where boot bonnet and doors shut, around the engine bay infact everywhere that doesn't normally get cleaned when you wash your car.

 When I collected the little Fiesta you could run your finger across the paint and it would have a white powder on it and the paint felt rough and had no shine whatsoever, the door shuts and under the bonnet was equally filthy and nasty to look at. 

The little fiesta had a bit of rust and crust on the front and rear valance with a big orange rusty stains around it and also had some supermarket trolley action around the wheel arches, then there's the finger scratches by the door handle that accumulate dirt over the years and show up horribly on a white car and most cars.

The bumpers had faded and had that sun bleached grey look about them that just says I'm an old car as well as the trim and some of the dash. Carpets and mats were also well in need of a proper clean although under the dirt were in quite good undamaged condition. Door panels and pockets had scuff marks on them from shoes getting in and out and also a favourite place for dirt that you don't always notice is the area around the door that meets the rubber when its closed and under the door too !

Why bother cleaning these areas ?  Well if you add up all the small areas that aren't usually seen then your car will never look clean. Its the reason why your car looks so good when you send it to the valeters, they do these areas so when you get it back and glance over the bits you expect to be cleaned you are happy because the other areas don't stand out as being dirty.

When you've seen the DVD you will be confident and able to do a professional job yourself and obviously you have a bit more passion to do your own pride and joy even better.

There are a few items you'll need to do the job yourself and one of them is a pressure washer of some type. A garden one will do the job but if there's a couple of you or more then you could rent a hot washer  which just makes the job a little easier, a wet Hoover if you want to properly clean the interior and a mop for the compounding of the paint.

Sounds expensive !!  Not really, if you could find someone to do a proper valet and compound polish and wax your car including under the bonnet, wheel arches, interior, boot etc you would be looking at the 175-220 mark and after spending the money you'll have a clean car to show for the money once! but if you put that money into the tools you'll have something to show for your money as well as a clean car. i.e. the equipment to do it again and again or even charge others for the service or hire of the kit! (just a thought)

Pressure washers can be had for as little as 59 and when you've finished your car you can do the patio (or not!) and anything else you can think of and of course your car again when it needs it, then there's the "mop" (car polisher) which is my favourite tool and the most important one I think as it saves most labour and will make the biggest difference to your job. So even if you don't want to spend the money on a pressure washer you can still achieve a pro finish with the polisher as they are only around 45 quid. 

The wet hoover can be any household wet model as the detergent can be sprayed on with an empty window cleaning spray bottle (Hot water is best) and the results that can be achieved are superb and any car could be made to gleam !

How to use a pressure washer on your car is shown on the DVD including how brutal you can be with it if needs be and the best detergent to use on the job without spending a fortune on lots of different types, you'll see what the pro's use.

How to use a wet hoover on your car and to great effect with no need to be shy on the amount of water you use.

How to use a polisher  or mop on your car and what to look out for so you don't damage your paintwork and get the best results possible. 

So there's another hour and a bit of amusement and info showing what can be done with a minimum amount of equipment and I believe you can truly change the look of your car just by giving it a professional clean and shine giving  the areas that don't usually get done the attention that really makes the difference.


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